Structural analysis and validation of existing lifting beam support structure

Numerous fabrication workshops do not have an in-house design/engineering team to support them in their day to day operations. For such companies, it is most cost effective to sub-contract an external design office and/or mechanical engineering consultancy to provide occasional engineering support. Tech Frontier Ltd are a perfect choice to provide such support.

The client’s fabrication workshop has an area devoted to pipe bevelling operations. This area is called the bevelling bay and is fitted with several overhead runway beams and hoists. Recent changes to client’s product range has led to the requirement for larger pipes to be handled throughout the workshop. The client has requested verification of existing support structure and specification of any modifications necessary to accommodate new hoists with higher load ratings.

Design Requirements

  1. Three runway beams with 4.2t safe working load each
  2. Two hoists to operate on each beam - 1t SWL and 3.2 SWL

Engineering Design Process

  • 3D modelling of existing structure
  • Structural analysis of existing structure
  • Finite element analysis of most highly loaded joints
  • Associated bolt loading and weld strength calculations
  • Footplate concrete anchor assessment
  • Design modification and reiteration of analyses to achieve satisfactory factors of safety

Project Deliverables

  • Engineering report containing:
    • Findings of initial analysis
    • Statement of factors of safety achieved after modification
    • Recommendations and description of necessary modifications