Engineering Principles

Tech Frontier are committed to highest standards of engineering and code of conduct as described by the engineering council.

Incessant Innovation

We recognise innovation as the root of economic growth. For a hi-tech research company it simply is a part of our identity. Moreover, not being limited to a single industry we have a major advantage of cross-sector experience.

Engineering Excellence

Providing a quality service is of paramount importance to us – solving our clients' problems builds our reputation. ​

Environmental Responsibility

We actively promote environmentally friendly solutions and research environmentally neutral technology. We believe these technologies will only become prevalent if they are also commercially attractive.

First Principle Approach

If the laws of nature do not forbid it, anything is possible! Critical thinking and scientific method are applied every step of the way. This makes us very innovative and adaptable to meet the challenges of any industry, as math and physics apply universally in all of them.