Mechanical Engineering Consultancy & Design Office

Tech Frontier Ltd

We are a mechanical engineering consultancy based in Inverness, providing services to clients across the Highlands, Aberdeenshire and the Central Belt. We are expert mechanical engineers with over 12 years of cross-sector experience.

Consultancy Services & Engineering Support

The beauty and the appeal of the discipline of mechanical engineering is that it applies to a great variety of industries. We pride ourselves in our broad, multi-sector experience, which we take full advantage of. We provide engineering support and design services to entrepreneurs, steel fabrication workshops and other design consultancies. Our clients benefit from getting the most innovative, effective and technically sound solution possible.

Mechanical Engineering Design Office

Our experience and skillset make us uniquely qualified to serve the needs of our clients. TF Mechanical Engineering Consultancy offers engineering support tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, inventors, steel fabrication workshops and other engineering consultancies and drawing offices.

Fabrication Workshop Engineering Support

We provide a range of 3D modelling, draughting and structural analysis services to steel fabrication workshops, who don't have an in-house design office.

If you are a workshop manager/supervisor, operations manager, project manager or project engineer, delivering both large and small fabrication jobs to your clients we will support you with mechanical engineering expertise. We can design and validate any bespoke lifting equipment you would need for particular jobs, specify necessary rigging and assess and design safe lifting points for partially complete or fully welded fabrications.

We will design trestles, lifting beams c/w support structures, crane pedestals to upgrade your workshop and make the work smoother and safer for your staff. You will be given full analysis report together with manufacturing drawings, which will allow you to produce all the equipment yourselves without involving more third-party companies.

Please have a look through our workshop support case-study section to see how we have helped our customers already.

Engineering Support for Entrepreneurs

We provide machine design and product design services to small start-ups, who want to develop, document and manufacture their product.

Whether you have completely new product idea, or already are a small product-oriented company and you require an engineering partner, we are here to help you take your idea forward.

We will develop and/or optimise your processes, minimise production costs and maximise your profit. We will provide you with advice and support to secure funding and make your project a reality. Finally we will manage your project from the idea, through design and until onsite commissioning of a functioning system.

Please have a look through our product engineering & machine design case-study section to see how we have helped our customers already.

Engineering Support for Design Offices

As a consultancy business, we understand, it is never good to turn down business due to lack of capacity. Tech Frontier Ltd doesn't do that to their clients and we don't want you to be forced into this situation. Just as we ourselves work closely with other SMEs and freelance engineers to provide quicker turn-rounds and more complete and robust service, other engineering consultancies use us, if they require additional engineering resources. We can provide mechanical engineering support, 3D modelling and draughting resources to your consultancy or design office, both on a fixed price/job-to-job basis, or on an hourly rate contract. We are flexible and will accommodate to your needs, working both remotely and on-site.

Please have a look through our consultancy and design office support case-study section to see how we have helped our customers already.

Contact Us

Regardless of your industry, our consultancy offers you an innovative solution to your problem. Please do not hesitate to get in touch - even if our broad expertise is not directly suited to your problem, once we understand your needs we will direct you to someone who will best address them.